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  • Best Apps for Learning a New Language

    The age of technology has made international travel an almost effortless enterprise. While flights to the far corners of the globe may still be too pricey to undertake regularly, YouTube, video conferencing, Skype, and the myriad of social networks available online now allow you to discover new places and interact with real people all across […]

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  • Gangnam Style Video Collections

    Everyone knows what Gangnam Style is, right? It is a Korean music video that becomes a viral video on YouTube. And as of this posting has 284,596,139 views. According to Wikipedia, it is a 2012 K-pop single by Korean musician PSY. It has been highly praised for its humorous, catchy rhythm, and PSY’s unusual dance moves in the music […]

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  • Top 5 Public Relations Tips for Handling a Crisis

    You know, there used to be a time (not too long ago, actually) when public relations teams were mostly used to help to create a lot of the imaging that celebrities and corporations needed. Now, for better or for worse, thanks to social media, video phones and YouTube, a lot of what they do is […]

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  • The First Social Media Olympics

    Do you remember the days when we sat in front of the television to watch Olympic events for hours on end? Plus, if you missed a particular win, you had to wait for the news to cover it? Long gone are those days. Thanks to social media, for many of us, the upcoming Olympics are […]

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  • Temple Run Cheats

    Temple Run Cheat #1 (No need to jailbreak) Go to options on your main menu and turn on tutorial mode. Next start your tutorial on the turning tutorial, when you are turning slide your finger the correct way 3 or 2 times really fast so can can run forever. Infinite Coins Hack with Jailbroken iPhone/iPod […]