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  • The Mysterious Apple iTV

    Somehow Apple has a way of making the release of every one of their inventions feel like it’s Christmas Day. You know the feeling: great anticipation, tons of wonder, the willingness to wait for hours on end, if need be, just to be the first one to have it. “It”, this time, would be the […]

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  • Amaya GMA7 Episodes

    Failed to watch Amaya? Below are the videos from previous episodes.. Amaya 6/14/2011 episode Amaya 6/8/2011 episode Amaya 6/7/2011 episode Amaya 6/6/2011 episode Amaya 6/3/2011 episode Amaya 6/2/2011 episode Source:http://dyesebel.blogspot.com

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  • Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2011

    Most of America was watching the big game, and many viewers were just as eager to see the entertainment during the breaks as what transpired on the field. Each year, billions of dollars are spent on advertising during the Super Bowl, not only to secure the air time but to create that perfect ad that will get consumer dollars flowing

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  • MySpace Revamp in the Works

    You may have fond memories of the social network that pre-empted Facebook (then quickly faded into obsolescence). Although if you’ve only entered into the social networking arena within the past couple of years, you may not even know what MySpace is. Either way, it does not bode well for the future of the website that first taught people how to create a profile

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  • Digg Traffic Plummeting

    The Future of Digg: Could Plummeting Traffic Spell Disaster? Lovers of the Digg, the website that offers users the ability to vote the news, videos, and pictures they appreciate to the top of the page for others to enjoy.

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  • Youtube Live Streaming

    YouTube Tests Live Streaming Platform Others have done it: Ustream allows users to stream live video to an unlimited audience, Livestream is practically like running a TV studio through your computer (with options for multiple camera usage), and Justin.tv offers not only real-time video, but also real-time chatting in tandem.  So it’s no surprise that […]