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  • New Fitness App Lift Helps You Get Healthy in 2013

    When it comes to improving your health situation, there are few opportunities to really whip yourself into shape like the one that comes with the New Year. Whenever January rolls around, it gives us a chance to reflect upon the year that’s just recently past and look ahead at the one that’s coming up. For […]

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  • Oracle Purchases Eloqua for $871 Million

    Technology has been accelerating for many years, and seems to have finally reached something of a breakneck pace. Now, modern innovations and developments are arriving at a speed that can be dizzying to even the most up-to-date consumer of modern electronics and gadgets. The wonderful thing about all of this is that it’s given us […]

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  • 5 Common Myths About Web Design

    Web design has come a long way in a few short years. What started out as a fairly rudimentary system of tables, graphics, and text, has become a full scale visual design platform with thousands of intricacies. It’s easy to get lost in the vast maze of opinions about web design, especially when some of […]

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  • College Students Now Majoring in Social Media

    Over the course of the last several years, social media has gone from a new curiosity to a relatively powerful part of everyday life. Networks like Facebook connect people with old friends and relatives that they haven’t seen in years and years. Twitter lets the world communicate almost instantaneously and helps news and information spread […]

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  • DrawMD Offers Useful Clinical Tools

    How many people have gone to a doctor’s office with an ache, pain, or ailment of some kinds, spent an hour listening to explanations and treatment plans, and come out completely confused about the cause of their discomfort? Plenty of patients have had this experience, largely due to limited knowledge of anatomy and medical jargon. […]

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  • Must-Have Software and Organizational Tools for Your Online Business

    Running an online business has many advantages over the traditional ways of business operations that have dominated the world of entrepreneurship for the past several decades. Through creative use of online platforms, business owners can reduce expenses and maximize outreach to their customers, making healthy growth of business easier than it has ever been before. […]

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  • Whispercast by Amazon Targets Schools and Businesses

    Technology and gadgetry has been improving by leaps and bounds in the last couple of decades, and now it can be staggering to look around and consider some of the incredible developments that are so easily and affordably available to the general public. From the highly-advanced specifications of the iPad third generation offering to the […]

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  • Experts Concerned About Next iPhone’s Battery

    Battery life is the unsung hero of all portable hardware. It may not be the flashiest spec, but what use is your fancy iPhone or Android if you have to keep charging it every three to six hours. Tech junkies understand that as portable technology gains more processing power, battery power needs to increase in […]

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  • A 3D Printer That Helps Pick High End Handcuff Security Locks

    If you think printers are just for printing pages of paper, you’re far behind the latest advancements. You can now find 3D printers that are capable of producing everything from new blood vessels to replacement jaws to handcuff keys. While the technology behind 3D printing could vastly improve physical disabilities and ailments among other helpful […]