Microsoft Mustang Unveiled

A partnership to make any tech geek do backflips on the spot, Microsoft and West Coast Customs have put together what might be best described as the ultimate nerd wagon: a 1967 Ford Mustang replica body crammed with 2012 Ford Mustang guts and about as much Microsoft brand gadgetry as you can possibly stand. The […]

Tech Cars Dominate in 2012

Car fans used to get excited about simple add-ons to their favorite vehicles. Optional 6-CD stereo systems. After market navigation computers that could be mounted on the dash. But 2012 is the year when car aficionados and tech geeks will meet. Technology is more integrated than ever in our cars, and the best new vehicles […]

iPad3 to Be Unveiled

Those who follow the tech sector of the blogosphere would be hard pressed to name a day when Apple doesn’t make the headlines, whether it’s for a mega-store opening in yet another historic structure, a Chinese manufacturer exploiting its workers in a bid to keep store shelves stocked with your favorite iDevice, or the latest […]

Apple Hoping to Create the All iPad Classroom

Apple’s hopes to restructure traditional classrooms begin with introducing digital textbooks into public schools via the company’s increasingly popular iPad. But will educators be impressed? This past January, Apple introduced the iBook 2, which functions as a digital textbook service in conjunction with three major textbook publishers who serve K-12 schools. These iBooks have been […]

Google Wallet Updates the Way You Pay

Have you ever had one of those heart-stopping moments where you’re standing at a counter with purchases in hand and you reach for your wallet to pay, only to realize it’s not there?  You go through that moment of panic where you try to remember the last time you had it (eventually realizing that you […]

Patent Evil [Infographic]

During the second quarter of 2011, Microsoft earned three times more from Android than from Windows Phone 7 through HTC’s use of Microsoft patents. Additionally, 6 out of the 10 largest patent lawsuits within the last 10 years were tech-related. Large tech companies and patent trolls are abusing the integrity of patents purely for profit. […]