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  • Must-Have Software and Organizational Tools for Your Online Business

    Running an online business has many advantages over the traditional ways of business operations that have dominated the world of entrepreneurship for the past several decades. Through creative use of online platforms, business owners can reduce expenses and maximize outreach to their customers, making healthy growth of business easier than it has ever been before. […]

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  • Music App Shazam Takes Aim at TV

    Since the day Apple launched their online store and released the first iPod, music has completely transformed. Gone is the time when people would buy full albums. Instead, music fans purchase songs at around $1 a piece and craft their own neverending playlists. Smartphones and app integration have taken this a step further. Now, most […]

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  • How to Make Your Own iPhone App

    Applications, astutely marketed by Apple as “apps,” are the lifeblood of the iOS business. The iPhone’s gargantuan market share owes much to the wide range of apps available exclusively through Apple’s own in-house app store. Every tablet and smart phone that the computing giant moves comes preloaded with a little app store button that practically […]