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  • Sports Venues Top the List for Facebook Check-Ins

    Social media and sports are definitely what one might consider “best friends,” and have been for quite some time. The discussion that surrounds sports basically never ends — new developments are constantly happening surrounding players, teams, and the industry at large. Just like an industry such as entertainment, the sports industry is practically a living […]

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  • College Students Now Majoring in Social Media

    Over the course of the last several years, social media has gone from a new curiosity to a relatively powerful part of everyday life. Networks like Facebook connect people with old friends and relatives that they haven’t seen in years and years. Twitter lets the world communicate almost instantaneously and helps news and information spread […]

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  • iGrade not Just for Teachers

    There are all kinds of mobile tools designed to help teachers connect with students and track their progress in the classroom. Some allow for class discussions in the online arena while others provide a platform for students to turn in digital papers and see posted grades. And iGrade offers a slew of tools that help […]

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  • How to Create a Social Media Recruiting Strategy

    By now, plenty of businesses have gotten relatively used to scores of hungry, employable individuals knocking on their doors and looking for work. The economy has put many of us in a position to look for jobs, but what about when the situation is the other way around? Many companies are not used to the […]

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  • Massive Slowdown in Daily Deals Market

    It wasn’t that long ago that deal-of-the-day sites first started to gain popularity. Geo-centric discount suppliers like Groupon and Living Social made it easy for frugal consumers to take advantage of deals in their immediate area, Woot and Slickdeals offered members of the computer generation the technology (and geekery) they craved at lower prices, and […]

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  • How Social Media Is Driving eCommerce

    Social media is a topic currently at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Whether you use it once an hour or once a month, it is an undeniable fact that social media has changed the way society communicates. But in this ever-changing, new landscape social media refuses to be pigeon holed into being just one thing. […]

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  • Survey Shows Corporate Evolution Towards Social Business

    The emergence and expansion of social media has vastly changed the way people interact with each other. Huge announcements are made online, milestones are celebrated, new connections are made and older ones strengthened, all on a myriad of popular websites. Major corporations are usually slower to adopt to new methods than the general public, but […]

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  • The First Social Media Olympics

    Do you remember the days when we sat in front of the television to watch Olympic events for hours on end? Plus, if you missed a particular win, you had to wait for the news to cover it? Long gone are those days. Thanks to social media, for many of us, the upcoming Olympics are […]

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  • Instagram Competitor PicPlz Shutting Down Next Month

    For the few people who still use the Instagram competitor for photo sharing, PicPlz, the free service will unfortunately be shutting down within the next month. The announcement was first posted on PicPlz’s blog on Friday and they also emailed all current users today to break the news. The official end date for the service […]