Internet Giants’ Earnings Report

Here are a few facts to learn and know about the tech earnings of Google, Intel, and Microsoft this week. According to analysts, Google can be expected to garner a profit of three billion dollars this quarter, the first time the company has made that much.  Fourth quarter earnings will be reported by the Mountain […]

Cars May Be the New Mobile Device

With many states passing laws requiring the use of hands-free devices in vehicles, even more opting to ban texting while driving (at least for teens, but in some cases for all drivers), and the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) strongly urging lawmakers to enact a federal ban on any cell phone usage in […]

Lead Generation and Conversion With Web Design and Development

Increasing revenue and driving up profits requires a marketing strategy beginning with professional web design and development designed to produce lead and sales conversions. With more customers spending time online as they search…WEBPUZZLEMASTER – L…

Facebook Live Streaming Concerts

It could be said that Facebook leads to Widespread Panic, at least if you’re talking about the band that was recently featured on Facebook’s latest foray into expanding their already enormous money-making empire. Although YouTube, Google, and others have opted to offer live streaming concert videos for free

Apple Beats Microsoft

This proclamation may not come as a shock to fans of the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and of course, Macintosh computers, but considering that as recently as a decade ago nearly everyone (except diehard Mac fans) had written off Apple as a second-class citizen amongst tech giants