Google Wallet Updates the Way You Pay

Have you ever had one of those heart-stopping moments where you’re standing at a counter with purchases in hand and you reach for your wallet to pay, only to realize it’s not there?  You go through that moment of panic where you try to remember the last time you had it (eventually realizing that you […]

Generation Mobile [Infographic]

It’s a known fact that students these days can’t live without their cell phones, especially as more of them gain access to smart phones. But how bad are their cellphone habits? Well, according to an infographic by Hack College, almost 90% of students have no problem whipping out their phones during class, and about 75% […]

San Francisco Cell Phone Law Put on Hold

Remember when cigarette packages came without a warning from the Surgeon General?  Unless you’re over forty (or you started smoking pretty young) you probably don’t.  But at some point the government determined that cigarettes could be harmful to the health of its citizenry and so they required companies selling tobacco products to provide consumers with […]

The Release of the New iPhone 4S

What is an iPhone release without loads of conflicting predictions, projections, disagreements, and blatant falsities? Particularly with finding information about the release of the new iPhone, much of the information analysts were touting about the phone before its official release was simply not right. For instance, almost every tech website, blog, or news site called […]