Naruto 496 Spoiler

Naruto vs. The Kyuubi!

(Yamato and Naruto are in awe of the environment they are in.)

Naruto: Woah… (Yamato rushes over to the structures in back, climbs up them and inspects the drawings on the wall.)

Yamato: Amazing… (Meanwhile, Naruto and Killer Bee have a little chat.)

Naruto: So, this is where you learned to control the 8-tails…?

Killer Bee: Right-o, the Eight-o is my main’s man! (Naruto rubs his belly with a fake grin.)

Naruto 494 Spoiler

Motoi: “I, uhh. There was always bad blood between me and the current Raikage of Kumogakure for years. We were both valid candidates for the next Raikage position, even as young as we were. Oh, how we quarreled… (The next panel shows a young Killer Ei and Motoi [who has shorter spikes and less dominant facial features] feuding with each other.)

Naruto 493 Spoiler

Don’t know yet if this is a confirmed naruto 493 spoiler. This is just a re-post, original article from Enjoy reading.. (Naruto faces his evil clone.) Naruto: What the hell? (Naruto opens his eyes and turns to face Motoi.) Hey dude, what the heck is going on? Motoi: Those are your inner thoughts manifested […]

Naruto 486 Spoiler

English script by Shounensuki: Both are blown away by the explosion caused by both their techniques. Naruto: “I understand it now, if we both fight seriously, we’ll both die.” The rest is ommitted (I’m an idiot~ He preaches, but to no avail.) Naruto: “Because you’re my friend, that’s why I’ll bear your hatred with you […]

Naruto 468

After lunch narelease agad ang Naruto Chapter 468 entitled Hachibi and Kyuubi you can download the files here: or view it online Sad to say there will be no Naruto manga next week. Chapter 469 will be out on October 30. Bitin na naman.. hahaha..

Naruto 467 Spoiler

Hello everyone, ngayon nlng ulit ako mgpopost ng tungkol sa naruto.. hehe.. English script by Shounensuki: The coloured cover is two pages wide and has Zabuza, Haku, and all the dead Akatsuki members! Sakura is getting ready to set out to the Land of Iron. Three people are going, it seems: Sakura, Kiba, and Lee. […]