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  • Apple Apps Store Adds a Food and Drink Section

    Can’t decide what to cook for dinner? Need a good restaurant nearby? Can’t figure out how to perfectly grill those steaks you bought? Looking for tips on a refreshing summer cocktail? You already know there are apps for all of that; in fact, there are over 650,000 apps for that. Now the Apple app store […]

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  • Concept Clothing That Can Charge Your Devices

    It’s a Friday night and you’re only halfway in to your night out with friends when your phone starts chiming because you only have 15% battery power left and you’re nowhere near a charger. In our device-addicted society, this is a moment of anxiety for many. Soon, that may not be a problem anymore. Charging […]

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  • Pandora Moves Past 150 Million Registered Users

    Even with competition from new online music sources like Spotify, Grooveshark, Last.Fm, and Rdio debuting, Pandora remains the reigning champion of online music streaming. The online radio company announced this week that they have now surpassed 150 million subscribers worldwide. In fact, they’ve experienced a 50% rise in both the amount of registered users and […]

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  • Microsoft Developing Spotify Type Music Service

    Microsoft continues to look for ways they can adjust their products and stay relevant in the increasingly crowded computing space. So it’s no surprise that they’re working on a new streaming music service. Expected to be introduced at this summer’s E3 Consumer Electronics Expo, the new service will be included on Microsoft’s Xbox Live platform, […]

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  • Amazon's New Cloud Music Player

    This is a call to all who have seen their music collection grow only to realize that they lack the storage space needed to continue expansion. It also applies to anyone who has lost their entire music library because of a faulty external hard drive

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  • Google Sues the U.S. Government

    Google, as you may well know, is a very large and lucrative corporation that has its fingers in an awful lot of honey pots. From an engine that commands almost a third of online searches to a phone service to a budding music tool that looks to threaten the stranglehold iTunes has on the download market

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  • Google Music for Xmas

    For quite awhile now, Apple has been the front-runner when it comes to downloadable music content from all of your favorite artists (and some you never heard of). They also offer movies, television shows, podcasts, games, and literally almost any form of electronic entertainment