Microsoft Developing Spotify Type Music Service

Microsoft continues to look for ways they can adjust their products and stay relevant in the increasingly crowded computing space. So it’s no surprise that they’re working on a new streaming music service. Expected to be introduced at this summer’s E3 Consumer Electronics Expo, the new service will be included on Microsoft’s Xbox Live platform, […]

German Court Orders YouTube to Filter Content in Music Copyright Case

YouTube has grown at an incredible rate over the past few years, becoming the most widely-visited website in the world. And once Google purchased the user-generated video site, that dominance was backed by market-leading search capabilities. But all of that power and financial mettle does not keep YouTube safe from potential litigation. They’ve dealt with […]

Google Sues the U.S. Government

Google, as you may well know, is a very large and lucrative corporation that has its fingers in an awful lot of honey pots. From an engine that commands almost a third of online searches to a phone service to a budding music tool that looks to threaten the stranglehold iTunes has on the download market

Google Music for Xmas

For quite awhile now, Apple has been the front-runner when it comes to downloadable music content from all of your favorite artists (and some you never heard of). They also offer movies, television shows, podcasts, games, and literally almost any form of electronic entertainment