NYC Bans Teachers From Friending Students on Facebook

There has been a lot of hubbub of late about inappropriate teacher-student relationships. Although the problem is not new, the growth of communications technology has made it easier than ever for teachers to cross the line with students, whether unintentionally or with predatory motives. And with the prevalence of situations surrounding teachers that call, text, […]

Microsoft Developing Spotify Type Music Service

Microsoft continues to look for ways they can adjust their products and stay relevant in the increasingly crowded computing space. So it’s no surprise that they’re working on a new streaming music service. Expected to be introduced at this summer’s E3 Consumer Electronics Expo, the new service will be included on Microsoft’s Xbox Live platform, […]

How People Are Using Pinterest to Plan Their Weddings

Everything is digital these days, even planning your dream wedding. A DIY wedding could save thousands of dollars and with the wealth of information, ideas, and tips floating around the web, it’s no wonder brides have started planning and executing their own weddings using these resources. Pinterest, the Internet’s community pinboard, has become a popular […]

Rumor: Apple Releasing Smaller, Less Expensive iPad Later This Year

Apple continues to change the way consumers interact with content and hardware. Their desktop and laptop computers gave users a more intuitive platform, thereby widely expanding the amount of homes with computers. Apple’s iPhones and iPods expanded our thinking about the potential of a cellphone or portable music player. And their iPad tablet devices have […]