Sports Venues Top the List for Facebook Check-Ins

Social media and sports are definitely what one might consider “best friends,” and have been for quite some time. The discussion that surrounds sports basically never ends — new developments are constantly happening surrounding players, teams, and the industry at large. Just like an industry such as entertainment, the sports industry is practically a living […]

Closely Monitor Your Competitors’ Online Promotions With Perch

In the last several years, commerce has found itself in a very interesting place. Business has been around for forever. There’s absolutely nothing new about owning and operating a small business; it’s something many individuals do to support themselves and their families. Many of us, however, already plenty busy with the responsibilities that come along […]

eBay Bans Sale of Spells and Curses

Now, this should make things interesting. eBay, one of the most popular websites online that has earned the reputation for being a place where buyers and sellers can trade just about anything, has actually made a decision that causes that statement to no longer be 100% accurate. Coming this fall, members of the site can […]