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  • How to Use Your Blog to Brand Your Business

    Every good business has an effective brand behind it. If you stop to think about any one of your favorite companies, you likely associate a pretty good amount of images, words, and feelings with that company. It might come as a surprise, however, to learn that this is all the result of a pretty large […]

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  • When Is It Time to Update the Technology in Your Office?

    There is no company that can grow to become successful and productive without being willing to be proactive when it comes to making the necessary upgrades within the confines of technology. However, unless it is a technologically-based business, sometimes it can be easy to overlook the signs that it’s time to make some vital upgrades […]

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  • The Best iPad Apps to Help You With Your Taxes

    Ah, the tablet computer. Essentially the Smartphone’s bigger the brother, the tablet computer has literally only been around for three years (seriously, it only took three years for tablets to come as far as they have, and become as numerous as they are), but they’ve completely changed the way we compute, and do a ton […]

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  • Gartners Predictions for the Future of IT

    The information technology industry has been growing exponentially over the last couple of decades, and with each bounding stride, it brings a world full of consumers closer to possibilities previously thought of as futuristic and far-fetched. It’s always interesting to consider what the future of the industry will hold, and every year the leading industry […]

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  • Google Street View Goes to Remote Arctic Village

    Cambridge Bay, Nanavut, bears very little resemblance to Cambridge, Massachusetts. The remote, frozen harbor isn’t what you would call a bustling metropolis – far from it. Aside from the guys on Ice Road Truckers, most commuters get around by snowmobile instead of on anything purchased from www.boston-ge.com. Anything with skis is pretty much the preferred mode […]

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  • How to Create a Social Media Recruiting Strategy

    By now, plenty of businesses have gotten relatively used to scores of hungry, employable individuals knocking on their doors and looking for work. The economy has put many of us in a position to look for jobs, but what about when the situation is the other way around? Many companies are not used to the […]

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  • Should You Purchase Insurance for Your Smartphone?

    Cell phones are not cheap. And with all of the things that they can do and with how much we have become reliant upon them, we probably shouldn’t expect them to be. So, honestly, when it comes to the question of if you should purchase insurance for your smartphone, it would seem like the answer […]