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  • Trying

    If there’s one word I cannot bear,
    We often say, too often hear,
    A word dividing do from don’t,
    And is from isn’t, will from won’t,
    A harmless word or so it seems,
    Yet trying sabotages dreams.
    Try equates with hesitate,
    Like standing still or watch and wait

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  • Iphone4 Coming Soon to Globe

    I just visited globe’s website and saw on their homepage the advertisement about the upcoming Iphone4 which links to a registration page that you may fill up and you will be the first to get information on the iPhone 4 with Globe Telecom

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  • iPads and Gaming

    Remember when the Gameboy was the only handheld device on the market for playing video games, with its little multi-pixel screen and awkward buttons? Well, the world of portable video games has come a long way since then

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  • iPad: The Future of Reading for Kids

    Whether you like it or not, your kids are growing up in an era where utilizing the rapidly expanding palette of technology is practically second nature. And while you view books as a necessary and nostalgic method of gathering information or enjoying entertainment