Lie to Me Episode 12 Eng Sub

Lie to Me Episode 12

Lie to Me Episode 12

You Are Currently Watching Lie to Me Episode 12 From the Drama Series : Lie to Me

Summary: Gong Ah Jung, a level 5 Ministry of Culture official, gets entangled in a web of lies when she mistakenly lies that she’s married to Hyun Ki Joon, a hotel manager from an affluent family. Their relationship is further complicated when Ki Joon’s ex-fiancée and a close friend of his brother’s, Oh Yoon Joo, reappears in his life.

At the Jeju resort, Jae-bum arrives to declare himself lost without So-ran, who’s moved by his admission that her departure sparked suicidal thoughts. Peas in a pod, these two. They think they’re Ike and Tina, but they’re really Spencer and Heid.

Lurky Yoon-ju calls Ah-jung for a drink and tells her all about why she broke up with Ki-joon the first time and asks if Ah-jung knows what it feels like to have your first love stolen from you by another woman. Oh god, are they really going this route to make Ah-jung feel bad? Okay then.

Ki-joon comes clean about his marriage lie (again) to Chairman Chen, only this time he believes him. Chen walks out of the deal and starts chatting up Great Hotel instead, and this is our Big Conflict for the rest of the hour. Yeah, it’s just as exciting as it sounds.

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