A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 8 English Sub

Episode 8

Episode 8
You Are Currently Watching A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 8 – from the Drama Series A Gentleman’s Dignity

It’s 1993 and the boys are on a group blind date with three average-looking girls. The guys realize that only one lucky guy will be dateless and not have to deal with the “unattractiveness” so they have a competition to see who can be the suckiest catch.

Jung Rok cheerfully announces that he’s always been in last place in school ranking systems while Yoon pulls the mama-boy act. PUHAHAH. Tae San pretends to have a muscle spasm disease and Do Jin suddenly develops a lisp. Puhlenchie puhlie (french fry), anyone?

Just then, a fourth girl shows up and apologizes for being late; her tutoring appointment went into overtime. She introduces herself as Kim Eun Hee and the boys stare at her with hearts shooting out from their eyes.

Before Yoon’s birthday party starts, Jung Rok brags to his friends that he spent the night with Eun Hee on an island once when the boats stopped running. However, Tae San and Yoon both claim that Eun Hee was with them that particular night. Uh, okay. You guys couldn’t all have been with her…unless she has two evil clones. One of the models asks who Eun Hee is and the three guys say that she was their first love.

Yi Soo ignores Do Jin’s gazillionth phone call and opens her new laptop. She draws back in shock and disgust when her laptop’s wallpaper shows a picture of Yi Soo in a bikini photoshopped into the blanket on Do Jin’s bed. Eh. That’s a tad creepy.

Do Jin calls again and she throws her phone onto her bed in frustration. It bounces off the bed and ends up on the floor, causing her to crouch down and pick it up. She remembers that Tae San’s gloves are still under her bed and pulls them out while Do Jin calls yet again.

A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 8


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