A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 7 English Sub

A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 7

You Are Currently Watching A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 7 – from the Drama Series A Gentleman’s Dignity

It’s the day before Jung Rok’s wedding in 2002 and Do Jin, Tae San, and Yoon follow a crowd of soccer fans down the street to Min Sook’s house to pay their dues as groomsmen and earn access to the bride for Jung Rok.

They wait outside impatiently when the doors open to reveal three women decorated with jewels and fluffy L’oreal hair. Do Jin mutters that this marriage might be the best thing that happened to their group of friends and prods Yoon to sing a song for the nunas. Heh.

The next day, at the wedding, Min Sook finds herself unable to smile for a wedding portrait with friends because the people on Jung Rok’s side are mostly young, pretty women. Bwahah. Yoon narrates that Jung Rok’s marriage was a blessing for everyone except the bride and groom.

A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 7


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  3. anu na po epi. ung nsa 2 ?

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