A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 6 English Sub

Episode 6

Episode 6

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After a series of tense, dramatic plays the game ends in Yoon and Jung Rok’s favor. Do Jin notes that the joy from playing pool with his friends hasn’t changed even after all these years. D’aw. You guys are so cute.

Yoon and his colleague notice Yi Soo on the sidewalk as they head home after having drinks. They stop the car and she quickly explains her situation. He tells her to get in when Yoon’s car suddenly lurches forward. Everyone steps out of their car and Do Jin’s rage quickly dissipates when he realizes he hit Yoon’s car. Keke.

Yoon asks if he’s crazy and Do Jin responds that he’s not; he just had to prevent Yi Soo from getting into another person’s car. He promises to pay for all the damages and whisks Yi Soo away. He starts to drive her home but is forced to change directions when she tells him she can’t bother Tae San and Se Ra. Wait. Didn’t you see Tae San at his house already?

Yi Soo asks to be dropped off at a sauna and he responds that she must like places with warm temperatures. Puhaha. She shoots him a glare and he suggests staying at one of his company’s dorms. She reluctantly accepts his offer and he drives happily. Haha. He might as well break out into song.

After they arrive at the dorm building, Do Jin musters up the courage to see how badly “Betty” is injured. Betty’s front bumper is partially crushed and Do Jin lets out a sob. Heh. He formally introduces Betty to Yi Soo and comments that she’s a loyal, brave little car. Yi Soo can do nothing but laugh at his silliness.

A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 6


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