A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 4 English Sub

A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 4

You Are Currently Watching A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 4 – from the Drama Series A Gentleman’s Dignity

We find our main characters dressed in high school uniforms trying to nominate themselves as sacrificial lambs for a recent bout of trouble they’ve run into. Aw. In the end, they decide to suffer together.

Cut to the four being scolded for watching an adult movie. Bahahah. Their teacher tries to figure out who instigated this master plan and glares at Jung Rok first, who ends up confessing that he pulled his friends into watching the movie.

The other three step up to confirm that Jung Rok was the one who started everything. LOL. He tries to get out of doing push-ups on the ground when the teacher is distracted but Do Jin tattletales on him. Kek. What happened to “dying” together?

In the present, Tae San and Me Ahri come home in unhappy moods from a lunch date. Se Ra apparently left the meeting early without any explanation, and Tae San scolds Me Ahri for being rude. He asks her what she said to make Se Ra leave, but only receives a slammed door for an answer.

Meanwhile, Do Jin sits with Yi Soo after his confession. She barely has time to register his words before her blind date shows up. The poor guy gets left behind as Do Jin drags Yi Soo by the wrist away from the table.

Yi Soo freezes at their close proximity in the revolving door as they head outside, but quickly brushes off any sign of attraction before Do Jin says anything.

A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 4


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