A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 3 English Sub

You Are Currently Watching A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 3 – from the Drama Series A Gentleman’s Dignity

The guys start talking about an old classmate named Jong Suk who married early, and the girl asks how they know who her dad is. What?! They leave before you can say “pedobear” after making sure nobody said their names. I am so creeped out by this opening sequence right now.

The date is February 15th and we flashback to Yi Soo’s confession from the day before, in which she begs Do Jin to accept her feelings. He warns her that if he accepts, they’ll live together happily for a long time. I can’t tell if he’s serious or not. Yi Soo blurts out that’s all she wanted and runs away in embarrassment as Tae San reels from shock at what just occurred.

Back in the present, Tae San recalls Yi Soo’s confession and laments that he wanted to set her up with Yoon. When Do Jin arrives, Tae San warns him not to play around with Yi Soo. In fact, just keep away from her all together.

Do Jin responds that he might pursue a serious relationship with her but Tae San shrugs off his words and hands Do Jin his phone, telling him to keep his playboy dignity. He can find a serious relationship with someone else. Aw. Not even his friends have any faith in his interest.


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