A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 2 English Sub

A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 2

A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 2

You Are Currently Watching A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 2 – from the Drama Series A Gentleman’s Dignity

The gentlemen sit at brunch and trash-talk an old classmate as Do Jin intently studies Tae San. Do Jin remarks that they’ve reached an age where one can’t even pick up the signals of a secret crush.

Tae San asks Do Jin if someone likes him and Jin and Jung Rok both ask: Is she pretty? Haha. Oh. How shallow can you get?

Apparently much more. The guys cut off Do Jin’s words about Confucian maturity to ogle at a long-legged model who just happens to drop something on the floor, giving them an extraordinary view of her back end.

At the office, Do Jin stares at Tae San’s gloves and thinks back to how lovingly Yi Soo stroked them, which spurs him to arrange them…neatly.

Yi Soo rolls around restlessly in her bed and tells Se Ra that she’s in no mood to cook today. Can’t they just order something? She also asks if Se Ra knows anything about Kim Do Jin.

Se Ra rattles off a bunch of characteristics: he’s good-looking, skilled at work and getting girls, selfish, arrogant, and cold. Ah. The perfect formula for a rich bad boy. All he needs is a sad childhood or a long-lost first love to fit the cliché exactly.


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