A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 1 English Subtitle

A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 1

You Are Currently Watching A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 1 – from the Drama Series A Gentleman’s Dignity

We open on four pairs of freshly shined black shoes… pan up to four tailored black suits… and land on our gentleman foursome (which we’ll call F44, since they’re flower, but no longer boys). They’ve arrived at a funeral.

Our hero KIM DO-JIN (Jang Dong-gun) says that theirs is an age when you might go at any second. He says, “The only reason we’ve come is…”

Next to him is CHOI YOON (Kim Min-jong), who continues the voiceover: “…A rich agency executive…”

And then they leer, in unison, at all the pretty grieving women. Jung-rok hurriedly removes his wedding ring. They get ready to make their grand entrance, but suddenly a woman and a little boy run in past them.

Oh noes. It’s the dead guy’s other family. Sure enough, the two widows get into a brawl right there, and everyone at the funeral gets involved. It’s a madhouse. The guys look at each other, and then split up to take care of business. Jung-rok gives their bereavement envelopes and signs their names in the guestbook. Yoon pays his respects. Tae-san tries to break up the tussle (to no avail).


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