Facebook’s Eduardo Saverin Renounces US Citizenship to Save on Taxes

The Brazilian-born co-founder of Facebook, Eduardo Saverin has decided to give up his American citizenship seemingly to save hundreds of millions in tax payments. Facebook’s initial public offering is set for next week and is expected to have one of the biggest openings on the stock market in history. By renouncing well before the IPO […]

Zynga Takes on Online Gambling

Anyone who frequents the Facebook has probably heard of Zynga, the online gaming magnate best known for cutesy games like FarmVille, CityVille, and just about any other “Ville” you can think of (um, Gagaville?  Yeah, that happened…).  But they also make an extremely popular game called Zyngapoker, which allows users to play the poker games […]

India Asks Google and Facebook to Block and Screen “Illegal” Content

Kapil Sibal, India’s Telecommunications and Human Resources Development Minister, recently requested to meet with representatives of top internet companies and social networking sites to discuss user content and what can be done about disparaging, “illegal” remarks and content.  Google and Facebook are two of the companies that agreed to the meeting, which took place on […]