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  • Bidsketch Review: For Freelancers

    I’ve been doing freelance work for several years and I only depend on my cover letter for getting jobs and interview on different online workplaces. Sometimes I do get local clients from my friends and they don’t need website proposals. They just want to get their websites done. Here comes the problem, as I progress […]

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  • Marriott Launches New Game App Xplor

    If a business truly wants to distinguish itself from the competition these days, it must embrace emerging technology. Remember when it was innovative to have a website? The first corporations to get behind the internet got the most bang for their buck, and certainly didn’t regret spending the extra money to become early adopters. The […]

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  • 5 Cloud Computing Terms You Should Be Familiar With

    Every once in a while a technological innovation comes around that completely changes the way people manage their lives, conduct business and otherwise interact with the world. The radio was a major game-changer when it was released to the general public, as was the television set. Computers obviously changed things drastically, although it took quite […]

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  • Apple’s Anki Drive: the AI Robotic App

    The engineers over at Apple have truly distinguished themselves over the years with some incredible breakthroughs. With Apple products now dominating the marketplace in basically every category it’s nearly impossible to remember a time when Apple was the David to the Goliath of Windows. Those two giants flip-flopped years ago, and although Windows still enjoys […]

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  • The Pros and Cons of DIY Website Design

    These days it is easier than ever to build your own website. With the proliferation of online tutorials to learn basic programming skills and the availability of pre-fab website templates, it has never been more convenient either. It used to be that if you wanted a professional looking website your only option was to hire […]