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  • How to Make Your Own iPhone App

    Applications, astutely marketed by Apple as “apps,” are the lifeblood of the iOS business. The iPhone’s gargantuan market share owes much to the wide range of apps available exclusively through Apple’s own in-house app store. Every tablet and smart phone that the computing giant moves comes preloaded with a little app store button that practically […]

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  • Barriga’s quest for gold ends

    I was watching Barriga’s fight a while ago and of course every Filipino is saddened by the result of the bout, especially the point deduction by ref. During the 3rd round, it was not a boxing match anymore, it is a wrestling match and every-time that happens, the ref. did not even deduct a point […]

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  • Skift: the New Website for All Things Travel

    The internet has transformed the way people live their lives in countless ways, but perhaps no aspect has changed more drastically than travel. While travel agents still exist, the vast majority of consumers research their next business trip or vacation and book all the elements online. Discounts and customer reviews drive the action, and much […]

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  • Apple Looks Into Investing in Twitter

    When you think about Apple, what immediately comes to mind? Some people will probably say, “Mac”. Others may say, “The computer company that was once headed up by the late Steve Jobs.” And still, others may refer to it as being the home of technological items like the iPhone and iTablet. However, with all of […]

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  • One Year of Spotify

    Online music streaming service Spotify came over to America’s shores a year ago this week, connecting music lovers through social networks and a seamless mobile player. And according to their first anniversary figures, the Swedish company’s United States experiment has been an unqualified success. Spotify built a massive user network based on an effective, low […]