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  • How to remove ads on Skype?

    Don’t you just hate those ads on skype? I do! I’ve noticed those annoying ads when I updated my Skype to version 7.x Below are steps on how to remove the ads(Windows ONLY). Credits to Reddit user N19h7m4r3 For Skype v6.x Open Internet Explorer, yes IE! The big blue letter E. On the menu select […]

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  • Top 5 Technology Trends in 2014

    Over the last ten years, we have seen the digital world go from a one-lane information highway to a ten-lane information superhighway. The Internet has gotten smarter, the web has become more Interactive and humans are sharing data at speeds and rates no one could have foreseen. In 2014 alone, there have been countless advancements. […]

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  • Different Ways That Wifi Thermostats Make Life Easier

    Thermostats help you to control the temperature in your home, enabling you to stay comfortable all year round while conserving energy when possible. Unfortunately, manual thermostats make energy conservation difficult to monitor, meaning you could be throwing out tons of extra money each year. Here are some of the different ways that wifi thermostats can […]

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  • 5 Online Music Promotion Tips for Independent Artists

    As an independent artist, it is your job to promote your music and your name to a wider audience. Unfortunately this can be quite challenging if you don’t have the right tools. Luckily the Internet provides musicians and artists with seemingly endless platforms to spread awareness, upload songs, and interact with fans. Here are 5 […]