Seven Billion [Infographic]

The human population has officially reached 7 billion. But how is this affecting how we live today? According to this graphic by Masters Degree Online, humans account for 350M extra tons, and we’re using 20% of the earth’s resources. Additionally, shifts in society are revealing that the population is only likely to increase. Every second, […]

STEM Shortage [Infographic]

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields represent some of the fastest growing industries in the US. Apart from the high demand and the increasing number of job opportunities, STEM-related fields are typically also the highest-paying positions as well. However, 75% of US students choose not to pursue a STEM degree in college, and 40% […]

Free Your Feet [Infographic]

When we think of comfortable shoes, most of us probably picture a pair of tennis shoes. However, studies reveal that running shoes might actually do more damage than good on our bodies. This infographic by X-ray Technician Schools reveals why running shoes might be considered harmful and what things we should keep in mind. Of […]

America’s Big Test [Infographic]

Every college bound high school student dreads taking the SATs. But beyond revealing a student’s critical thinking skills, what else does the test reveal? Well, according to this graphic by Online Associates Degree, the exam reveal a lot more about today’s students than a lot of us think. In fact, it reveals a bigger social […]

Green Marketing Exposed [Infographic]

What if I told you that 95% of the products that claimed to be environmentally-friendly really weren’t as green as they claimed? I’m sure a lot of you are thinking that while false advertising does exist, that percentage is just way too high. Unfortunately, a recent study revealed that this is exactly the case. Of […]