Google Resolves Book Scanning Dispute

Google has been working tirelessly on their Google Books service, a research resource for avid readers and potentially a solid competitor of Apple and Amazon’s literary sales. But the internet search giant has faced major opposition, including litigation against their Google Library Project, claiming copyright infringement. But in an announcement this week, it seems that […]

Google Privacy Policy Concerns

In a recent blog announcement, Google execs managed to freak out privacy-conscious web surfers when they revealed that they are in the midst of rewriting their privacy policy, which will now consolidate their users’ information from all of Google’s services.  The freak out is primarily concerned with the fact that Google is not, as of […]

Google Integrates Search with Google+

Did you know that Google has its own answer to Facebook, the increasingly popular social networking site?  As long time competitors, Google has sought for years to find ways to combat Facebook’s influence on consumers.  One of their recent strategies has been to create their own social networking site, called Google+.  Now the famous search […]

India Asks Google and Facebook to Block and Screen “Illegal” Content

Kapil Sibal, India’s Telecommunications and Human Resources Development Minister, recently requested to meet with representatives of top internet companies and social networking sites to discuss user content and what can be done about disparaging, “illegal” remarks and content.  Google and Facebook are two of the companies that agreed to the meeting, which took place on […]

Google Wallet Updates the Way You Pay

Have you ever had one of those heart-stopping moments where you’re standing at a counter with purchases in hand and you reach for your wallet to pay, only to realize it’s not there?  You go through that moment of panic where you try to remember the last time you had it (eventually realizing that you […]