How to Install BBM for ios

BlackBerry Messenger was all set to launch for Android and iOS devices last weekend, but the unexpected appearance of an unreleased version of the app resulted in the company postponing the rollout. Read more: Many of us wants to test or wanted to download and use it immediately even though Apple has pull out […]

BigOven: an App for Every Chef

Most people don’t take their recipes or cookbooks with them to the grocery store because, well, it’s a lot easier to simply write down the ingredients you’ll need for whatever recipes you’re planning to make. And yet, it seems like you somehow end up forgetting something important (it’s always the eggs, isn’t it?) and having […]

iMadeFace: Turn Contacts Into Caricatures

Have you ever wished that you had the artistic talent to turn your friends’ faces into classy cartoon renderings a la pop art icon Roy Lichtenstein or comic genius Frank Miller? Well, now you can do it sans talent. So long as you can navigate your way through a simple smartphone application, there’s no reason […]