iPad3 to Be Unveiled

Those who follow the tech sector of the blogosphere would be hard pressed to name a day when Apple doesn’t make the headlines, whether it’s for a mega-store opening in yet another historic structure, a Chinese manufacturer exploiting its workers in a bid to keep store shelves stocked with your favorite iDevice, or the latest […]

Apple Hoping to Create the All iPad Classroom

Apple’s hopes to restructure traditional classrooms begin with introducing digital textbooks into public schools via the company’s increasingly popular iPad. But will educators be impressed? This past January, Apple introduced the iBook 2, which functions as a digital textbook service in conjunction with three major textbook publishers who serve K-12 schools. These iBooks have been […]

The Future of Gaming on the iPad

With both the iPad 3 and the long-awaited iPhone 5 set to launch this year, it looks like 2012 might be the year that Apple finally succeeds in making some lucky fanboy’s head explode from the excitement.  And considering some of the additions they’re making with the gaming crowd in mind, the graphics overload could […]

5 Best Military Apps for iPad

For the past few years the U.S. military has expressed an interest to Apple in designing applications for iPhones and the iPad.  Despite the size of the iPad, it is expected that, as technology conforms to required usage and ever smaller, thinner, and more compact, it will continue to offer benefits for the military … […]