Top 5 Technology Trends in 2014

Over the last ten years, we have seen the digital world go from a one-lane information highway to a ten-lane information superhighway. The Internet has gotten smarter, the web has become more Interactive and humans are sharing data at speeds and rates no one could have foreseen. In 2014 alone, there have been countless advancements. Some of these tech trends have made consumers more efficient consumers – other trends have increased productivity at businesses across the globe. Plus, digital technology has started to diversify and branch out like never before. Here are the top five technology trends in 2014


  1. More dynamic apps and smartphone based application software. If you read technology blogs, like TechnoGigs, you probably know that apps have been flourishing since the concept of open-source networking became a reality. In 2014, however, apps have seen a radical transformation and they are being used in much more utilitarian ways. For instance, more and more people are using their smartphones as wallets thanks to some coin purse applications. In the next year or so, these applications will become more and more commonplace.
  2. Device diversification. In the old days, it used to be all about using one or two devices – usually a computer or laptop device. These days, however, there are numerous devices that people use in their personal life and business life. There are tablets, smartphones, and hybrid devices that almost make the desktop computer obsolete. Plus, more and more businesses are allowing their workforce to bring there own device to work, which is vastly transforming the way things get done.
  3. Everything is becoming digitized and shared. There is a notion, or philosophy, called “the Internet of everything” – five years ago, this philosophy was deemed too silly to actually become a reality. However, 2014 is seeing a lot of trends with this notion in mind. For instance, basic home appliances are starting to get their own IP address and more and more of our daily tasks are being completed by Internet-based devices. In a few years, they predict that everything in life will somehow be connected to the Internet – perhaps 2014 is the beginning of a massive change.
  4. Smart devices are taking off and proliferating. These days, not only are our appliances connected to the information highway, but they are also smarter and more intuitive. For instance, home climate systems regulate the temperatures inside our homes. Not only that, but there are more smartphone based appliances that allow you to do everything from turning on the lights inside your home to preheating the oven.
  5. Telemedicine is taking root. Another big trend is telemedicine. Telemedicine is making the healthcare field more efficient and it is allowing patients to receive medicine and care in a much more accessible way. Not only that, but it is making healthcare more democratized and affordable to those that can’t afford traditional medicine. In the next few years, they predict that telemedicine will evolve to become half remote and half onsite – can you image a world of digital hospitals?