5 Common Branding Mistakes That Businesses Make on YouTube

YouTube can be one of the most powerful tools for branding your business, but it can also go horribly awry if you don’t understand the intricacies of the medium. Many businesses go into the world of video and viral branding, but then come out on the other end disillusioned and wondering what went wrong. Well, oftentimes, your business probably made one of the five most common branding mistakes. These mistakes run the gamut – from not testing the waters first to having expectations that are way out of reach. So, if you want to ensure the most success with your viral branding campaign, it is important to understand and steer clear of these pitfalls. Here are five common branding mistakes that businesses make on YouTube.

  1. Viral videos are golden eggs – you have to make them work for your business. Just because you put a video on YouTube, it doesn’t mean that you can simply hold up your basket and catch the eggs – it doesn’t work that way. You have to be proactive about sharing the video. Social media is a great arena for sharing your video, but so is reaching out to press and blogs. The more people who see your YouTube video, the more successful it will be for your business.
  2. Not getting the video done professionally. There is a good chance that your business doesn’t feel equipped to put the quality time, energy and thought into a viral video. This is the reason why hiring a production company, like Evolve Media Production, is so important. They will make sure to conceptualize a video with success in mind and they will have all the right tools and materials needed to make a video that is poised for viral success.
  3. Forgetting to test the waters. How will you know if your viral video is successful or not if you don’t test it on a sampling of your audience first? You could simply throw out the line and see what catches, but that can often be a huge mistake, because it can be hard to find an idea that actually has viral capability. So, you may want to get a group of people in your office to watch your video. You could even have a little questionnaire for people to fill out. Based on those responses and your observances, you can tailor the viral video accordingly.
  4. Imagining your viral video as an infomercial or commercial. Yes, you may come to equate a viral video with a commercial or infomercial, but this can be a huge mistake. YouTube’s audience wants to watch clever and creative videos – not videos that look like something they want to turn the volume down on when watching television.
  5. Going for shocking versus smart. Many businesses think that they can go shocking to garner a lot of views on YouTube and build their brand, but this can actually be quite damaging. What your business should be focusing on is a clever idea – something that gets people thinking. In the end, you want people to hit the share button and show the video to their friends.