5 Great Dating Apps for College Students

Thanks to technology, everything has changed. Even dating. For the most part, gone are the days when you would see someone out, ask for their number and then call them on their landline, hoping that they’ll pick up the phone—or at least return your voice mail. Now you can email, text or connect with someone on one of their social media accounts. Or, you can even download a dating app to see what single people are available in your area.

If you’re a college student and you’re interested in knowing about some of the dating apps that are specifically geared to college students, we have provided you with five of the most popular ones below:

Let’s Date. Just the title alone lets you know what this app is all about. Basically what it does is let you create an electronic date card with the help of your Facebook profile. Then you can look at other people who have made their own date card. If you see someone interesting, simply hit the “Let’s Date” button and if the individual is interested too, you can set up a date through the app. When the date is over, you’ll even be able to leave feedback. Pretty cool, indeed.

Tinder. Although beauty is more than just skin deep, most of us find ourselves being attracted to how someone looks before we get to know their personality. This is probably why the dating app Tinder is so popular. What it does is show you the picture of someone else who is a Tinder user. If both of you are interested in getting to know one another a little better, a chat box will open up so that you can dialogue back and forth.

Snapchat. Snapchat is actually an app that is used for a lot more than just dating; however, because of how it works, there are many people who use it for dating purposes. That’s because once you download it, you can start sending other people pictures and messages that disappear after a specified amount of time. There is a word of caution, though. Because this kind of app can make it easy for pre-teens and teens to do a lot of sexting, just make sure that you keep it out of the hands of minors and that you use it responsibly.

Coffee Meets Bagel. Do you feel like there aren’t a lot of great people that you could date? If so, consider downloading Coffee Meets Bagel. Each day, it will provide you with a potential match that you can either click “like” or click “pass” on. If you like them, you will be connected so that you can set up a date. Yes, for coffee and/or a bagel.

eHarmony. If you happen to be a junior or senior at Adelphi University and you’re looking for more than a casual relationship, you might want to download the eHarmony app. It’s a sleeker version of the website while still giving you all of the features that it has. And while eHarmony’s top dating site competitor Match has a website too, we like eHarmony’s better. It’s an easy way to look for the love of your life online. Even while you’re still in college.