5 Great Mobile Apps for Truckers

The best part about mobile applications – especially mobile apps for truckers – is that many of them are free and they can make your job so much more convenient and easy. How many times have you wished you could have a handy device that could tell you where the next gas or weigh station is? How many times have you wondered where the next rest stop is? Also, how many times have you wished you could do some research on whether a company or freight broker is legitimate and has a good record? With the advent of faster and more reliable smartphones and tablets, applications are revolutionizing the ways truckers operate. Here are five great mobile apps for truckers.

  1. Truckster. This is the ultimate application for truckers. At nearly three dollars, this application is worth every penny and is a must have for truckers. Truckster is a simple application that reads your geographic location and then searches for different rest stops and weigh stations. It will even search for different restaurants and drive-throughs. If you are a trucker, this is one of those applications that should come with your job.
  2. BigRoad. This application is 100% free and it will help truckers find weight stations and other important destinations for truckers. When it comes down to it, this application will also help truckers relay information to their dispatchers. Let’s say that you need to send over travel logs and other information – with this simple application, all you have to do is take pictures of your logs and the information gets sent over automatically. When it comes down to it, this application is one of those brilliant life simplifying solutions that all truckers need.
  3. GasBuddy. If you are a trucker and have ever wished there was a simpler solution to finding gas, this application is it. With this application, truckers can dial in and find the closest gas station. Not only that, but it allows you to find the most affordable gas. When you are a trucker, having affordable gas is important, because with such a large vehicle, it can be easy to spend hundreds of dollars on a simple fill-up. This application will allow you to fill up and find the best deal.
  4. The Weather Channel. This application is vital for truckers, because the weather can determine a lot of things when you are on the road. If the weather is nice, you can drive for hundreds of miles. However, what if you run into snow, sleet or other dangerous conditions? This application can basically give you a heads up if there is an impending storm – and it will allow you to take an alternate route.
  5. GotoTrucks. This application, which can be found at GotoTrucks.com, is an application that was created by truckers for truckers. Basically, there is a lot of malfeasance in the trucking industry, especially with freight brokers. This amazing application gives truckers resources and other information, so that they don’t constantly find out that they are being scammed.