5 Great Mobile Apps for Hospitals and Healthcare Professionals

Mobile applications have changed the way the world works and the way people lead their lives. Mobile apps have also changed to way people work and operate in their careers, which has led people to work more efficiently and become better at their jobs. When it comes to the healthcare industry, mobile applications have given doctors and healthcare professionals invaluable tools with which to care better for patients and potentially save more lives. Best of all, there are literally thousands of applications out there and many of them are completely free. Here are five great mobile apps for hospitals and healthcare professionals.

  1. Medscape Mobile. For any doctor or healthcare professional that wants to be up to date on new medical research and medical breakthroughs, Medscape Mobile puts breaking medical news in the hands of hundreds of thousands of medical doctors. In fact, Medscape Mobile is one of the most downloaded medical apps. This application also provides a directory of thousands of different doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and much more. Moreover, this app has information about new treatments, medications and other important topics and information pertaining the medical field.
  2. Sermo. This application is essentially a social network of sorts for medical professionals. This application, which was actually created by doctors, allows physicians to connect with each other – to seek advice, ask questions, discuss treatments and much more. Not only that, but physicians can send photographs and even set up accounts. Basically, if you have a patient with a very specific set of symptoms, you could find a more specialized doctor in the network and ask him or her particular questions in the hope of gleaning more information. There is no other app out there that is better connecting healthcare professionals and helping save patients’ lives.
  3. MIM Mobile. For doctors, surgeons, and perhaps even a certified nursing assistant, this application is approved by the Federal Drug Administration as a imaging tool that can work in conjunction with hospital imaging tools, like CAT scans a PET scans. This application is important, because it can put doctors in more places at once, thus providing much more dynamic care to patients. In the healthcare field, having the power to see patients scans on the go is invaluable. Best of all, the application is free to download.
  4. JEMS Video Consult. These days, doctors can come all the way to patients, but instead of having to make the long trek, all they have to do is fire up this application. This app allows doctors to consult and meet with patients over a live satellite video feed using a wireless network connection. Why is this app so important? Sometimes it can be hard for people to reach medical care, but with this app, even though you may live in a rural region, you can still get help.
  5. Doximity. This is another application that allows healthcare professionals to connect on a social networking platform. All a doctor has to do is sign up with the application and clear his or her credentials and they can be connected with thousands of other doctors, thus decreasing the chance of a doctor not having the necessary knowledge to help save a patient’s life.