How to Control the Temperature in Your Home From Your iPhone

There are a lot of us who remember what life was like before cell phones. You know, when you had a landline with an answering machine and all the phone was basically used for was conversation. Now, it’s a whole new world as we’ve given up one main phone in the house for a mobile phone for each family member. Plus, thanks to the progression of technology, phones aren’t just used for talking but they are basically mini-computers to surf the internet, send emails and use apps to do all kinds of things; including control certain things within our home like the temperature.

If you’re someone who has an iPhone and you’d like a few tips on how you can use it in order to monitor the energy that the rooms in your house consume, we have enclosed a few apps that can help you to do just that below:

MobiLinc. This is an app that is very easy to use being that it is specifically designed to monitor your thermostat along with your lights and even your irrigation system so that you can control all of these things while you’re at work or even on vacation. What makes a lot of people go with this particular one is that it comes with an automatic “find and sync” feature. (

INSTEON for Hub App. Although you will need to have an INSTEON Hub to use this app, if you do have one, you can do all kinds of things from control your light bulbs, thermostat and outlets to even receive emails or texts when its sensors notice a water leak. It also comes with a cloud service that can be used for multiple kinds of devices. (

Indigo Touch. This is an app that has been optimized for all Mac devices. Not only can you use it to control your lights, appliances and HVAC unit, but it also offers you real time updates on all of these systems inside of your house. That way, you’re always up-to-date on their settings. (

Cortexa. Say that you left your house with your thermostat turned down on a hot summer day. However, on your way home, you wished there was something you to could to go about making your AC colder even before you arrive. Thanks to the Cortexa app, you can do just that. That’s because it’s also an app that controls the thermostats throughout your home. Plus, you can also use it to set your home audio and security systems and even view each room within your house. (

Nest. There is also an app that is appropriately known as “Nest”. What you’ll need to use this is an account created through the Nest website and then one of their thermostats that can connect to your Wi-Fi system. Once you have both of these things in place, you can then download the app from the Apple Store, Google Play or even Amazon. This then allows you to change your temperature settings, switch between heating and cooling and even adjust the schedule of when you want the thermostat to run which definitely makes it a device worth adding to your iPhone today. (