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If you ever wondered if there was an app that could help you decide whether or not you should move to a new house or stay where you are, look no further than the Remodel or Move interior design app for your iPhone, created as a supplemental tool for The website is an excellent resource for anyone trying to decide whether they should remodel their home or call it a day and find a new place to live, and it provides access to all kinds of useful articles on the subject as well as helpful tools like design ideas, a project planner, cost calculators, and money saving tips. If you enjoy HGTV’s ‘Love It or List It’ and you’d like to apply the same principle to your own life, then you can definitely benefit from this website, as well as the free app that lets you take advantage of similar tools in a mobile package. But how can this application help you make such an important life decision?

You chose your current residence for a reason. Perhaps it was the floor plan, the yard space, the location, or the fact that it was the best option in your price range, regardless of the fact that it left a lot to be desired. Whatever your reasons for buying your home, though, it’s pretty rare to find a property that needs absolutely no remodeling to make it perfect for you. So you’ve likely got some projects in mind that will help to make your home more functional, livable, or aesthetically pleasing.

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But just because you’ve decided that your kitchen needs an overhaul doesn’t mean you have the first idea about how to make it function better, how to adopt a modern style, or how much the effort is going to cost you. Remodel or Move can help you to find the information you need, organize your thoughts, and figure out the cost before you commit to a plan. Alternately, it could merely help you decide that there’s too much work to be done in your current home and convince you that it’s time to move on to greener pastures.

You can start simply enough by perusing pictures of home interiors to find designs you like, but you might want to do a more targeted search, and the app has features that let you define your search criteria to include the room, colors, styles, and even furniture or fixtures you’re looking for. Or you can simply enter search keywords. Are you looking to replace the dingy, cracked tiles that make up your kitchen countertop? Do a search for granite counters to find an array of appealing alternatives. Want to improve utility bills? Look forĀ underfloor insulation. As you discover options you like you can add them to your idea file and even go to the source of the image to get more information.

You can also take your own photos of design ideas you come across in order to add them to your idea file. But once you’ve compiled enough remodeling fodder to make a plan for your dream home you’ll need to know how much it’s all going to cost. If it turns out that you can find a listing that already offers the amenities you want, you might want to save yourself the time, effort, and cost associated with remodeling. But if the costs are within your budget and you really love your location, then this app can definitely help you to get organized and formulate a plan for fixing the home you’re in.