NYC Hosts the Gap App Challenge for Education

These days, education is a very important thing. Of course, education has always been important. But many would argue — and correctly so — that it’s more important than it’s ever really been at present. The job market isn’t really what you might call forgivable. It’s tough to find work, so the more employable you can possibly make yourself, the more opportunities you’ll have. Even still, it can be seriously tough to find work with a fantastic degree from a prestigious university. Having your Master’s Degree is always an excellent feather in your cap, but this kind of program can be very expensive, and adds two years to your education schedule. What’s more is that colleges are getting be very pricey themselves, and many students aren’t available to afford classes without the assistance of financial aid. When you do decide that you know what you want to study, and you pick out your major, it’s very important that you’re able to make good on your investment. Many students can seriously feel like the pressure is on in a major way when it comes to getting good grades, and this can make school tough. For some of these reasons, New York City’s school district is reaching out and trying to crowdsource some new applications and software to help students learn math more effectively.

Middle school students have been suffering when it comes to math for quite some time now, and the New York City Department of Education is holding a contest for developers and software programmers to help create tools that will make it easier for children to learn math skills. There’s far too much of a deficiency when it comes to how well New York City’s students are doing with math skills, so the Department of Education is taking measures that it hopes will enact some serious change.

The Gap App Challenge, as it’s known, is an attempt to build a network of highly personalized and very customizable software. When it comes to educating young children, a high level of personalization is often needed. The issues that face kids that are struggling to learn something like math can be pretty complex, and aren’t usually addressed well by something like a computer program which was created with just about any student in mind. New York’s Department of Education hopes to change this by reaching out to some of the city’s best developers.

The winners of this challenge will get to enjoy some pretty serious rewards. Over one hundred thousand dollars’ worth of prizes will go to the winners, who will also get to play a major role in developing the software infrastructure that helps New York City’s Department of Education. This application platform can have some far-reaching implications when it comes to the ways that educators are able to interact with their students. Teachers from the University of Florida to UCLA will enjoy the benefits of more forward-thinking educational software.