The Shopkick App Starts to Turn a Profit

Many startup companies have to wait a pretty long time before they’re able to start turning a profit. Of course, this is just kind of the way things go, and it just so happens that we are currently living in what might appropriately be described as the Age of the Startup. With the rise of the Internet, it’s become incredibly easy for people to share, develop, and collaborate on their brand new and exciting ideas. A whole company can easily be conceived and put together by people who don’t even live in the same state. What’s more is that all the work that goes into putting this company together can be done completely over the Internet; your new business doesn’t even need to have a physical location in order for it to find some serious success.

When it comes to commerce, though, the brick-and-mortar location is absolutely nowhere near dead, and isn’t even starting to die yet. Shoppers still love to shop, and no matter how advanced our computers, tablets, and smartphones might get, they’ll likely never beat the thrill that comes with actually going to the store, trying things on, and picking out the perfect piece to add to your closet. For this reason, a lot of startups have focused their efforts upon developing applications for tablets and smartphones which will help to seriously improve upon the shopping experience. ShopKick is one of these applications and has made some serious news with its most recent announcement.

Developed for both iOS users and Android users, the ShopKick application figures out when you’ve entered a retail location and helps you out by automatically telling you about deals and discounts that are available to you. In order to do this, of course, ShopKick has partnered with a ton of different brands and retail companies. As it happens, the application’s most recent announcement indicates that these partnerships were very smart ideas, indeed.

ShopKick has revealed that it’s completely in the black, making itself a nifty profit, and even brought $200 million worth of revenue to its brand and retail partners throughout the last year. These numbers are some seriously impressive figures, and will definitely mean very interesting things for ShopKick in the future. With applications like ShopKick and other retail-oriented software becoming more and more popular, there’s really no telling how an app like ShopKick might be able to further integrate itself into the shopping experience. Especially now that it’s actually making money on its own, ShopKick will be able to develop and create new things for itself at its own speed. Whether you’re a fan of visiting sites like SportsButikker or prefer to shop at the mall, there’s an app that can help you out with your retail needs. ShopKick is just one of them, but if its performance over the course of the last year is any indication, it’s going to stick around for a very long time.