Rumor That Apple Is Prepping 3 New iPhones for 2013

If you’re someone who is still “on the fence” about getting in iPhone, let’s explore some of the reasons why it’s something that you might want to consider purchasing: it’s an easy way to sync up your calendar and email for business purposes; if you’re a heavy traveler you can download and watch movies and music on it; the library of apps that it has available is unbelievable (and can do just about anything that you can possibly think of); it has tons of storage, a built-in GPS system and it’s faster and better than many other mobile phone brands on the market.

Sure, it can run you about a month’s rent (depending on where you live) to purchase and that can initially seem like a lot for “just a phone”, but that’s kind of the point. iPhones are more than just a cell, they are their own portable mini-computer.

And perhaps that’s a big part of the reason why people (used to) stand in line for hours to get the newest models. If there is one thing that Apple has proven is that it loves to top itself and that’s why many Apple fans enjoy seeing if the company can do just that.

Therefore, with the recent buzz going around that the company is set to release not one, not two, but three different models in 2013, many consumers are already wondering just what Apple could possibly come up with next.

Of course, it does bear mentioning that this is a rumor, one that didn’t even initially leak on our side of the ocean. Actually, we came upon this information “thanks” to a publication known as the Taiwanese Commercial Times. From there it was translated by Brightwire and then “delivered” over to the Apple Insider Blogs.

According to the report, in July, Apple will premiere the 4-inch iPhone 5S as well as the 4.8 inch iPhone. The word on the street about the “second version” is that it will be known as the “iPhone Math”, a competitor for companies that already have a model of that size.

Then, just in time for Christmas shopping, there will be another release. This iPhone will feature a 12 mega-pixel camera and may come out around the time that Apple TV is expected to make its way into the media world.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this particular story is that it has been reported that Apple actually reduced its amount of iPhone orders due to low demands for the product. Yet, in a way, that makes these rumors just that much more intriguing because Apple rarely goes down without a fight.

Who knows? Maybe the “Christmas edition” phone will reignite some of the passion that a lot of people once had for the company, ironically, before the passing of company founder, Steve Jobs. After all, even if sales aren’t what they used to be, you can still pretty much throw a rock and hit someone who is an iPhone user and that speaks volumes, right?

Plus, Apple has yet to confirm or deny the rumor (maybe someone at the Taiwanese Commercial Times got an anonymous tip after usingĀ So, all we can do is wait. Oh, and talk on our cell phones (iPhones or not) in order to pass the time while we do it.