5 Tips for Growing Your Network on Google Plus

When you’re running an online business or are working on some kind of Internet-based venture, social media usually factors into what you’re doing in a pretty serious way. It almost doesn’t matter what your objective is. When you’re trying to grow your network on a site like Google Plus, there are some strategies that work and some that simply don’t. Whether you’re looking to promote your business or simply want to see your personal degree of online influence get a little more heavy, there are some great things you can do to make sure your online social network keeps growing at a steady pace. Google Plus is still considered to be relatively new, but if you’re thinking that you want to see a bit more activity on your Google Plus profile, there are definitely a few tips that will help you do it.

1. Curate Content. Nobody’s going to really care what you have to say if you only spend time talking about yourself. It’s important, when you’re on any social network, to make sure that you’re curating content from a variety of different relevant sources. Don’t simply talk about yourself. Instead, be a place where your fans, followers, or customers can come to find information that’s relevant to both your brand and their lives at the very same time. This is basically the crux of any good content marketing campaign, of which your Google Plus efforts will basically be a miniature version.

2. Join the Discussion. Avoid spending too much time on your own profile. Get out there and actually surf the Internet! Get involved in the Google Plus conversation at large, and spread your opinions around. Offer advice, tips, and help whenever you get a chance to, but make sure that you’re not bugging anybody. When you join the conversation, though, you’re that much likely to be noticed.

3. Be of Service! Do things that are going to help other people when you’re on Google Plus, not things that are only going to help yourself. When you make it clear that your online presence is dedicated to making other peoples’ lives easier, more and more folks are going to want to hear what you have to say.

4. Don’t Spam. Never post a whole bunch of stuff just because you think it’s going to be better to have a lot of content and activity. It’s only going to annoy people. When you overpost you’re going to see your numbers shrink faster than you had ever thought possible.

5. Target Thought Leaders. Social media is all about social proof, so when you want to get noticed for real you want to make sure you’re engaging with actual thought leaders in your niche. You might not get noticed by them, but you can definitely get noticed by other people that are paying attention to what said thought leaders have to say.