‘License to Inspect’ App for the Real Estate Crowd

These days, it really doesn’t matter what you like to do — your smartphone or tablet computer has a way to help you do it better and/or more efficiently. We’ve very much moved into the digital age, as we’re living in a time where just about everyone owns some kind of tablet device or smartphone, and uses it to accomplish just about anything that might need to be accomplished on a day-to-day basis. It can be pretty staggering to actually stop and think about the fact that Apple introduced the first iPhone as recently as 2007. This was the world’s first introduction to the modern smartphone as we know it, and now there are more options than one can shake a USB stick at. Even more astounding is the fact that the tablet computer as we know it today was only introduced to us a mere three years ago. The first iPad came out in 2010, and has effectively created an entirely new market of consumer electronics. Technology is certainly moving at a blinding speed these days, but it’s also helping to connect us with important information and valuable history in ways that we might never have imagined.

license to inspect

If you consider yourself something of a real estate enthusiast, there might not be a whole bunch of smartphone and tablet applications that really get your blood pumping. Real estate information and public records aren’t exactly the most exciting of subject matters, but if they’re the things that really get you going, you’re in some serious luck. License to Inspect is a brand new application for iPhone and Android users that aims to give you some very serious real estate joy.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what’s being built at that construction site near your house, this is the application for you. Using Licence to Inspect’s amazingly attractive interface, you’ll be able to search for a wide variety of information. You can find just about any kind of permit or public record, and will be able to learn exactly what’s being worked on at that construction site near your place. What’s more is that you can also find out what was previously located at that site, and then take a comprehensive trip down memory lane if that’s the sort of thing that interests you.

For information junkies, the License to Inspect application is a bit of pure gold. There are a ton of ways that you can learn about the city around you, and if you’re a real estate professional there are even more practical uses that you can get out of an application like this. Whether you’re looking for the most recently-improved flats to rent in Aberdeen or are just interested in the buildings around you, License to Inspect is guaranteed to be a great addition to your app collection. There are tons of ways that you can put your smartphone or tablet computer to good use, and this new application gives you a few more of them.