Crazed Kitty Software Launches ‘Pint Size’ App for Kids

Buying clothes for your children can be a frustrating and expensive endeavor. First of all, most kids don’t enjoy spending hours in the mall shopping, going from store to store and trying on various sizes and styles in dressing rooms. Those efforts usually end with some mixture of screaming and crying and a final, frenzied purchase that may or may not be what your child really needs. Older kids may be more amenable to long shopping trips, but your busy schedule may not always make it possible to get them there for trying on clothes in person. Secondly, there’s the simple fact of biology. Kids grow at near exponential rates, and what fits them one month may be far too small the next. You may love and adore your children, but you aren’t a scientist. How are you supposed to know what to buy them? In the end you must continually buy new wardrobes, and most of your child’s clothing ends up in the goodwill pile before it has barely even been used. It’s a waste of money and time, but thankfully now there’s a better way. Here to solve that problem is the ‘Pint Size’ app, from Crazed Kitty Software.

Pint Size is an incredible new app, available for all iOS smartphone and tablet devices, that allows you to gain an understanding of your child’s potential growth rate when buying clothes. The goal is to discover which sale items at the end of each season could fit your child when that season comes around again next year. Pint Size worked with pediatricians to utilize the growth curve of today’s child, and then compares that information to the sizing charts provided by forty-four of the largest children’s clothing brands in the United States. All of your favorites are there, so hopefully you’ll never fall victim to your child’s growth spurts again.

Once you download the app, you enter all of the basic information about your child. That includes his weight, height and age. Pint Size will then graph out your child’s custom growth curve. Thanks to data compiled by the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control, that curve can predict with a solid rate of success your child’s weight and height through his twentieth year. This information should help you purchase items that are on final sale with confidence, knowing each item should actually fit your kids when the proper season comes back around.

Pint Size will spit out measurements in the standard United Kingdom and United States sizing systems, as well as in basic Metric units. This should allow foreign visitors purchasing clothes in either the US or the UK to buy local clothing for their kids that will actually fit them. It’s also a great way for relatives to purchase gifts for young family members, even if they can’t be there to see what they look like in person. In fact, entire families can access a single Pint Size account, and share the data amongst the rest of the family through text message, Facebook or email. So if you’re looking to gift a niece or a granddaughter herĀ prom dress 2013, you can rest assured your purchase won’t go to waste.