Top 5 Internet Marketing Strategies for 2013

Businesses today need to constantly change their marketing strategies in order to make the best use of their resources and reach the widest possible audience. As technology continues to grow at ever increasing rates in 2013, marketing strategies will need to change to suit the evolving needs of the customer. You can’t change the market to suit your business, but you can change your business to suit the market. Look out for the top internet marketing strategies of 2013 and stay ahead of the competition.

  1. Build Social Media Connections
    The global popularity of Facebook and other social media networks have created a whole new world for marketing. Social networking sites are among the most highly trafficked networks on the internet, making them prime marketing territory. This trend has grown in popularity recently, and can be expected to continue to expand. There is no easier or cheaper way to reach such a vast audience, which makes social media marketing one of the most important strategies for the modern business.
  2. Break Into the Mobile World
    The competing smart phone platforms iPhone and Android have made mobile web access more widespread than ever before, and mobile web traffic is only going to rise in the future. Some theorize that mobile web access will surpass traditional personal computer browsing within a few years. Businesses need to adapt to this new trend. Make sure your business has a mobile website and start turning your marketing strategies toward the mobile world of small screens and interactive apps. The future is mobile, and business who don’t start moving in 2013 will quickly be left behind.
  3. Turn Shopping Into a Game
    Interactive mobile apps and websites have created a great new potential marketing strategy for businesses–turn shopping into a game. Many businesses are already offering discounts to customers who check in online through Facebook, Foursquare or other networks, or points systems that reward the frequent shopper and the active sharer. This kind of fun marketing works on two levels. It keeps your current customers coming back for more, and encourages them to promote your business to others at the same time. It’s a brilliant strategy that all businesses should start incorporating in 2013.
  4. Search Engine Optimization
    SEO has been a hot term in marketing for some time now, and its importance will only continue to grow this year. Changes in search engine algorithms require continuous updating and refining of search engine optimization strategies. Businesses seeking to improve their search engine optimization may want to check out for reviews on the top SEO companies on the market today. As Google and other search engines continue to evolve, businesses will need to keep updating, so don’t lose focus on SEO.
  5. Retain Loyal Customers
    In general, it is easier to retain a customer than it is to bring in a new one. As businesses tighten their belts in the face of economic turmoil, they’ll need to make the most of their limited funds. Focusing on customer retention is a great way to stay healthy during tough times. A loyal customer base brings in steady income and slow growth, which will be tremendously beneficial to struggling businesses in 2013.