5 Great Smartphone Apps to Help You With Your Taxes

As tax season approaches, many of us will be scrambling to get our paperwork together in time and file an accurate return. No matter how far ahead you plan for the tax season, it always seems to sneak up when you least expect it. Take advantage of the technology in your life to make tax filing easier this time around. These 5 great smart phone apps can help you file your taxes accurately, easily, and on time.

  1. Mint
    Mint runs one of the most popular financial planning websites in the world, and their mobile app is one of the most beneficial downloads any taxpayer can make. The Mint app can track and categorize your credit card purchases throughout the year, including purchases made on business cards. Users can then tag various purchases as tax deductible expenses, which makes it much easier to organize your deductions while filing. Best of all, Mint works in tandem with TurboTax, so you can sync the two and import all of your mobile Mint information directly to TurboTax in the blink of an eye.
  2. H&R Block at Home 1040EZ
    This free app from H&R Block makes tax filing a snap for those of us who file a 1040EZ. Many younger people fall into this bracket, as the 1040EZ is reserved for those who makes less than $100,000 per year, rent or lease their homes, and have no dependents. If you are filling a straightforward 1040EZ with no itemized deduction’s H&R Block’s app, can make your life even easier. Simply use the app to snap a picture of your W-2, and it automatically transfers all of your information to a tax return.
  3. IRS2GO
    Most of us would be happier if we could go our whole lives without hearing from the IRS, but they’re not all bad. The introduction of e-filing made tax season infinitely easier than it was before, and the IRS2GO mobile app is making further progress today. You can use this app to get any IRS-related information you may need, check on the status of your return, and request tax transcripts from the IRS for free. Next time you need duplicate paperwork, save yourself a headache and tap into the IRS through their mobile app.
  4. Tax Caster
    Are you wondering what kind of tax return you’ll be looking at this year? For many of us, our filings won’t be the same as last year. A change in marital status, a new job, increased business expenses, and a multitude of other factors can significantly affect your returns. Don’t get stuck asking for an IRS extension because you can’t figure out your new returns. Use TaxCaster to get an estimate of your tax returns in advance, and stay on top of your tax status all year round.
  5. iDonatedIt
    Charitable donations are a great way to give something back to the world and get deductions on your taxes at the same time. Unfortunately, many of the donations we make most often are not cash, and so they’re difficult to declare on your taxes. Say you’re dropping off a bag of old clothes at Good Will. You can use iDonatedIt to log each donated item, answer a few questions about their condition, and figure out a market value. Attach a dollar sign to every approved donation you make, and you could be rewarded with a hefty deduction.