Expedia Invests $30 Million in Room 77

When it comes to travel, things can get pretty expensive pretty fast. Travel is one of those important experiences that every individual should get to enjoy at some point in his or her lifetime, but the price can often be decently prohibitive. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how many people you’ve got to take with you — travel can be seriously expensive, and a hugely complicated operation, to boot. There are a ton of different things that have to be properly planned and accounted for when you’re going on a trip, and when it comes down to it, things can definitely start to get pretty seriously overwhelming. For the busy traveler, it can be really nice to find a break in just about any way possible. Sometimes this means getting yourself a little more efficiently organized, and sometimes this means scouring the web and wracking your brain to try and figure out how you can save a bit of money in just about any way possible.

If you’re trying to do something like this, then you’ve probably noticed a trend that’s shown up online over the course of the last few years. Not only are there a ton of sites that are dedicated to helping you find the best deals and discounts on cheap products, attractions, and activities, but there are also a ton of websites that were created with the purpose of helping you find exactly the travel accommodations you need, and at the best possible prices that are available. One of these great tools is Room 77, and those travelers that have enjoyed its services in the past are in for a pretty huge spot of good news.

Just like any successful startup, Room 77 is always looking for new ways to secure investments, and just recently it seems to have found some serious success in doing so. In just its third round of funding, Room 77 has done some pretty serious numbers, managing to raise $30.3 million for itself. Unsurprisingly enough, there was a brand new investor that led the round, and it was travel giant Expedia. It’s no surprise that Expedia would want to invest in Room 77, as the two stand to seriously benefit each other in years to come.

Room 77, as a web service that takes into account your personal information (trip, group size, budget, etc.) and matches you up with the most ideal hotel accommodations possible, will be a great tool for Expedia to help grow and develop. This is great news for travel enthusiasts as well. With Expedia backing a great tool like Room 77, there’s no telling how many ways you’ll be able to save big on future vacations, whether it’s via cheap airfare or great discount hotel rooms. Companies like Expedia are always trying to figure out how to make travel better, and by investing in Room 77, it looks like they are poised for some very serious success.