How to Manage Your Entire Business Online

Not long ago, if you were out of the office you may as well have been at the bottom of the ocean. Business has always been based on the office paradigm, but modern technology is beginning to change that. Gone are the days when business owners couldn’t be reached unless they were at work or at home. Mobile phones alone have made it infinitely easier to stay on top of business affairs and remain in contact, but it is the advent of mobile internet that is really making waves. Now, using the latest technology, it is even possible to manage your entire business online.

The first step in the direction of remote business management is to dive into the world of cloud computing. Services like DropBox were the early forerunners of the cloud computing revolution, allowing users to store files in “the cloud” so that they can be accessed securely from any internet-capable computer in the world. Today, this field has gotten ever more advanced. Now you can use the cloud to do everything from storing your important data to running applications remotely. Look into cloud computing services that will give you access to your business essentials from all remote devices, and you’ll be halfway to full remote business management capability.

You’ll also need the right tools for the job, which means new technology. Consider investing in a tablet like the always popular iPad for running business applications remotely. Using apps like Quick Office Pro, Expense Tablet, Omni Invoice and others, you can perform many of your business management tasks without ever setting foot in the office. Manage and update your projects, analyze finances, even generate invoices for your clients. There is almost no limit to what a fully equipped tablet can do. You can do a lot of this work from any smart phone as well, but the larger screen of a tablet makes everything easier and quicker.

Sometimes, of course, it will be necessary to work on a proper computer. Laptops have become infinitely more accessible than they were just a few short years ago, and they’re more powerful and portable than ever. Wireless internet connectivity is now a standard for laptops, but for those times when a network isn’t available you may want to consider another solution. Devices like Clear Hub Express allow you to create your own mobile 4G hot spot, so you’ll always have an internet connection to tap into. There are plenty of other devices that work the same way, find one that works for you and you’ll be able to carry the office in a bag on your shoulder.

Using the multitude of mobile resources available, including conference call apps like Mobile Day, and¬†Google apps CRM¬†project management packages like Insightly, you can manage every aspect of your business online. Maybe you’re going on holiday and need to stay connected to your business, or perhaps you’re trying to open a new branch in another location. Whatever your reason, it’s now possible to be in two places at once, and manage your entire business remotely.