New Fitness App Lift Helps You Get Healthy in 2013

When it comes to improving your health situation, there are few opportunities to really whip yourself into shape like the one that comes with the New Year. Whenever January rolls around, it gives us a chance to reflect upon the year that’s just recently past and look ahead at the one that’s coming up. For many, the chance to start a new year and enjoy a relatively clean slate is a great opportunity to start working out or seriously adjust those health and fitness habits. This is rarely easy, however. If you don’t really exercise or eat all that well, it’s likely that this has been the case for quite some time. Anyone who’s tried to adjust their dietary and exercise-related habits knows that these aren’t the easiest things in the world to change. Your tendencies towards diet and exercise have probably been instilled over long periods of time, and for any human being, a habit that’s so deeply programmed is going to be hard to change. The new year is a great time work on something like this, but it can quickly get to the point where you might feel like you can use any help you might possibly hope to get.

lift screenshot

If you’ve got a smartphone, you’re in luck. While the modern smartphone has basically gotten to the point where it’s adequately described as a computer that just so happens to make phone calls, this has come with a pretty high number of benefits to the consumers that use them. Your smartphone, no matter what it is you do, can likely help you live your life in more organized and efficient way. This is doubly true if you’re trying to seriously improve on some of your habits or behaviors, thanks to the new Lift app for the iPhone.

Combining a simple interface with a direct approach, Lift is designed to help you meet your goals by breaking down your progress into easily-digestible challenges. It can seem a little overwhelming when you simply say to yourself, “I’m going to eat better.” One doesn’t need to a public health masters degree to know that the approach has to be a little more subtle than this. Lift, however, will help you by working with you to understand your behaviors and habits, and then developing a system for you that will help you change whatever it is you’re looking to change. When you’ve done well, you get to log your results publicly, and welcome the support and encouragement of your friends. No matter what it is you want to do, Lift can help you do it better or more often. Plenty of tools exist to help you change up your habits for the new year, and Lift is definitely one of the most exciting. Whatever you’re trying to work on in 2013, you’ll absolutely be able to accomplish your goals with a little help from a great application like Lift.