Simple: the App for IOS to Help You Manage Your Financial Goals

Mobile banking has become not only a popular add-on in recent months, but a true requirement of any bank worth dealing with. Millions upon millions of people forgo trips to the teller and regularly do their banking online instead, and now that smartphones and tablets can be found in the majority of American households the drive to handle all of your banking transactions from wherever you may be has truly taken over. Most of the major financial institutions offer their version of mobile banking software, but detractors of these apps feel that they are poorly designed, more of an afterthought than a robust tool. Thanks to a new iOS app called Simple, interested parties can now join a bank that has been designed from the app backwards, a true innovation in the banking process.

According to the team behind Simple, the goal is to transform mobile banking into a service that actually helps you manage your financial goals. With an app that’s been completely thought out, users will actually make better decisions with their money on a daily basis. Incremental steps in the right direction will lead to improvements in your financial outlook in the long term. And the passion for quality programming shows in the app itself, which delivers of all of these promises.

Download Simple from the iOS App Store and you’ll find the most full-bodied mobile banking app that exists. It all starts with the ability to search through your entire banking history, not only the previous month’s transactions. You can pay your bills and use your device’s camera to deposit new checks, and both work with the same efficiency and level of security you’ve come to rely on from other services. But that’s where the similarities end. With Simple, you can tap a couple of buttons and get someone from their Service team on the phone to handle any problem that might arise. It’s an immediate connection, meaning you don’t have to slog through endless menus before actually connecting with a real person.

Simple also offers a ton of resources to help you harness the power of technology to manage all of your financial goals. First of all, you sign in once with a username and password. After that, you set a four-digit code to unlock the app, just as you have for your iPhone or iPad. That means fast and easy access, which can be a huge help if you’re trying to access your account in a checkout line. And best of all, the top of every screen features your usable income balance, which Simple calls the “Safe-to-Spend”. This is a tally of what you have on hand that isn’t tied up in pending transactions or set aside for upcoming bills. It’s basically a quick picture of spending money, which is what most people need to help keep their finances on track.

That’s a great way to empower you to smarter decisions in the short term. Trying to decide between purchases? Just tap your four-digit code and you’ll immediately see how that purchase will impact your monthly budget. But Simple has plenty of long-term ability as well. So if you find yourself on a long bus ride with some time to kill, launch the app and get an in-depth look at your¬†personal finance¬†situation over the past week, month, year or even longer. In such uncertain financial times that level of service is incredibly important, and could make the difference between hitting your financial goals or falling into deep debt.