Oracle Purchases Eloqua for $871 Million

Technology has been accelerating for many years, and seems to have finally reached something of a breakneck pace. Now, modern innovations and developments are arriving at a speed that can be dizzying to even the most up-to-date consumer of modern electronics and gadgets. The wonderful thing about all of this is that it’s given us a time in which we have a variety of fantastic programs, devices, tools, and gadgets that can help us do just about anything it is we need to do, only better and more efficiently. Any business, no matter how large or small, has been able to take advantage of the many wonderful things that modern technology has given us when it comes to getting work done. If you’re working in a field that makes use of technology and the new places in which it’s constantly heading, then you’re likely interested in following the business developments within that particular sector. The comings and goings of the world’s most important technological developers can have a serious impact on the way a lot of other companies do business.

If you work for a company that makes use of digital information and communications systems — either internal or external — then you’ve almost undoubtedly heard of a company called Oracle. They’re responsible for some of the most widely-used customer service programs, products that generate leads, and communications systems that are used in modern business. They have been developing and producing technological solutions that have been making it easier for businesses to do their jobs for many years, and recently have acquired another business with the hopes of further improving the products and services they’re able to offer.

Just recently, Oracle announced that they have worked out an agreement with a company called Eloqua, a firm that has developed a rather effective marketing service that’s almost entirely based in the cloud. Cloud computing — where data, information, and files are stored online so they can be accessed from anywhere — is an incredibly popular new concept, and Oracle’s recent purchase hopes to integrate it into the company’s current offerings. With the addition of Eloqua, Oracle will be able to seriously strengthen its customer service platform, and offer its clients a much more efficient experience.

Oracle has been a trusted name in everything from customer service programs to¬†intranet software, and their recent purchase of Eloqua indicates that they have no intention of slowing their progress. The $871 million price tag seems to suggest that Oracle certainly believes Eloqua will be a worthwhile acquisition. A move like this could very well mean big things for Oracle, but it also has implications for all the other companies that use Oracle’s products. An improvement to systems that are already well-received within the industry could very well see Oracle continuing to dominate the market for some time to come. There’s no telling, however, what kind of deals might be made tomorrow, and for this reason, the comings and goings of the companies developing the most impressive technological solutions will always be interesting to observe.